Climate migration and managed retreat related literature:

Managed retreat through voluntary buyouts of flood-prone properties (2019)

Here, we analyze more than 40,000 voluntary buyouts of flood-prone properties in the United States, in which homeowners sell properties to the government and the land is restored to open space.


The case for strategic and managed climate retreat (2019)

Faced with intensifying climate-related risks the question is no longer whether some communities will retreat, but why, where, when, and how. We argue for strategy that incorporates socioeconomic development and for management that is innovative, evidence-based, and context-specific.


NJ buyoutManaged retreat as a response to natural hazard risk (2017)

Managed retreat is an important climate change adaptation option, providing an alternative to structural protection or accommodation measures. We evaluate the drivers, barriers and outcomes of 27 recent cases of managed retreat that have resettled about 1.3 million people.